For Your Safety: Official Tornado Cash Links

Only use official Tornado Cash links

Every since the dawn of U.S. Treasury sanctions, the online presence of Tornado Cash has been left in a highly fractious state. This has given rise to opportunistic phishing scams and unofficial sites with nefarious intent that claim to represent the protocol. To safeguard yourself against such threats, we have put together a compilation of official Tornado Cash links that reflect the most current and secure access points to the protocol, along with helpful resources for you to learn more about it.

The links below are updated on a constant basis, whenever new information comes about. Use only the links below for your own safety.

WebsiteThe official website of Tornado Cash since the dawn of legal sanctions.
TelegramOfficial chat for real-time community support and updates.
TwitterFor the latest news and announcements from the Tornado Cash team.
GithubThe development heart of Tornado Cash, where users can contribute or follow the project’s progress.
Classic Web AppClassic app for secure depositing and withdrawing of funds through Tornado Cash.
DocsOfficial documentation for Tornado Cash.

The risks surrounding unofficial Tornado Cash links mostly center around a counterfeit website for depositing and withdrawing. Such a site, visually identical to the official Classic Web App, may steal user notes when depositing and/or withdrawing.

At times, unprecedented risks may also present themselves, such as the official IPFS version of the Classic Web App being replaced with a malicious variant by a rogue developer. This has since been corrected, but to keep yourself clear of such unprecedented risks, constantly refer to official channels such as this website or our Telegram group for important updates and announcements.

Important: This website is intended as a learning and resource hub for the Tornado Cash protocol, and for on-chain privacy advocation in general. It does NOT host the Tornado Cash app.

Tips to Protect Yourself

As long as you continue to use Tornado Cash for privacy, staying informed and vigilant is crucial to ensure your safety. Here are some tips on how you can take action to ensure your interactions with the protocol remain secure:

  • Bookmark Official Links: Save the official Tornado Cash links, especially the App, in your browser bookmarks to avoid the risk of using counterfeit sites.
  • Follow Official Channels: Keeping up with Tornado Cash through this website and Telegram can provide you with the latest updates, security notices, and community support.
  • Contribute and Engage: The Tornado Cash community and DAO thrives on active participation. Join the chat to ask questions, share insights, or help others. Contributing to the GitHub can also enhance the project’s security and functionality.
  • Spread Awareness: Share your knowledge about the importance of using official links with friends and fellow users. Educating others helps build a safer community.
  • Stay Updated: The landscape of technology and security is always changing. Regularly update your knowledge on best practices for online security in the cryptocurrency space.
  • Alternative Ways to Interact: If you have some knowledge of code, consider building a local instance of the Web UI through the Git or use Tornado Cash’s command line interface (CLI) for depositing and withdrawing.

By taking these steps, you not only protect yourself but also contribute to the overall safety and integrity of the Tornado Cash community. Together, we can ensure a secure environment for privacy-focused transactions in the crypto world.

Helpful Resources

In addition to the official Tornado Cash links compiled above, we have put together a list of helpful resources within this website to keep you up-to-date with and learn more about the Tornado Cash protocol.

  • State of Tornado Cash in 2024: Goes through the latest situation of Tornado cash in key aspects such as its technology, impact and controversies.
  • Using the App Post-Sanctions: A step-by-step guide on the usage of the Tornado Cash app for depositing and withdrawing post-sanctions, with a particular emphasis on the differences before and after.
  • Troubleshooting Common Errors: A look into the most common errors faced by users when using the Tornado Cash app post-sanctions, and how to go about troubleshooting them.
  • Detailed Explanation of the DAO: Exploring what the DAO is, how it works, the technology behind it and how one can become a part of it.
  • IPFS Version: A peek into what IPFS is, how it is the perfect complement for the protocol, and accessing the Tornado Cash app through IPFS.
  • More About the Founders: A look into the origins of of Tornado Cash and what happenend to its founders Roman Semenov, Alexey Pertsev, and Roman Storm.
  • Usage Best Practices: Blindly depositing and withdrawing through Tornado Cash can result in privacy compromises. This guide brings you through the best practices when using Tornado Cash.

Whether you’re a potential user, a blockchain developer, or simply a tech enthusiast, we hope that the resources and official links within this page will not just equip you with a better grasp of the protocol, but more importantly keep you safe during your interactions with it.