Announcement: Safe IPFS Successfully Restored in Proposal 52

We are pleased to announce that the IPFS version of Tornado Cash’s App has now been restored to the previous version through the DAO’s execution of Proposal 52, and is now safe for usage.

The execution of this proposal follows the the troubling discovery of malicious code existing in IPFS-hosted user interfaces of Tornado Cash’s Classic Web App, by the community. This vulnerability, introduced by a pseudonymous community contributor Butterfly Effects through a prior governance proposal, had the potential to compromise sensitive data and funds deposited via IPFS gateways.

In response to this critical security breach, the community has taken decisive action by implementing Governance Proposal 52. This proposal successfully restored a secure version of the Classic UI on IPFS, ensuring the safety of users’ deposits and the integrity of transactions.

If you had made a deposit through IPFS from January to March of 2024, it is recommended to withdraw your funds immediately as your notes may have been compromised.

As we move forward, we encourage our users to stay updated through official Tornado Cash channels, and engage with our continuous efforts to improve security and governance. Together, we can ensure a safer and more secure ecosystem for all.